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Cenxi red stone, Cenxi red granite, Guangxi

Cenxi red stone, Cenxi red granite, Guangxi


Cenxi red granite

Code: g561

Stone type: Granite

Origin: Guangxi

Color: Cenxi red


physical property:

1) Specific gravity: 2.8 g / cm3

2) Bending resistance: 13.4 MPa

3) Compressive strength: 126 MPa

4) Water absorption: 0.26%

5) Gloss: 85

6) Hardness: 85

7) Impurity: 0.01%


Product Description: Cenxi red is known as small maple leaf red. It has light and elegant color, stable color, big flower, and its polished surface looks like maple leaf, with high timber rate
Product categories: large plate, strip, rough plate, thin plate, domestic dry hanging engineering plate, trade export specification plate, curb stone, blind stone, special-shaped processing, etc
Processing technology: polished, matte, steel brush surface, fire surface, litchi surface, natural surface, wire drawing surface, sand blasting surface, mushroom surface, pineapple surface

Specification plate:

1. Size: 300 x 300 mm 305 x 305 mm 400 x 400 mm 457 x 457 mm 600 x 600 mm or other specified specifications

2. Dimension tolerance: four sides ± 10mm diagonal ±  10mm

3. Thickness: 10 mm 12 mm 15 mm 18 mm 20 mm 25 mm 30 mm and other specified thickness

4. Quality control: 1) thickness tolerance: ±  0.5mm     ±  1mm     ±  1.5mm     ±  2mm

2) . color: for the same mine mouth block, the color of finished plate is the same.

3) . board surface: no defects, such as black gall, cracks, rays, yin and Yang colors, stains, missing edges and corners, etc.

4) Processing: the horizontal section is smooth and straight without burr, edge chipping, missing edges and corners.



1. Size: 60 heads, 70 heads, 80 heads and other sizes

2. Quality control: 1) width: more than 63cm for 60 headboards, more than 73cm for 70 headboards, and so on.

2) Color: the same mine mouth, uniform color.

3) . board surface: the pattern and color of the board surface are consistent, and there are no black gall, cracks, rays, yin and Yang colors, pits and other obvious defects that affect the appearance.

4) . Flatness: the flatness of the board surface shall not exceed 0.5mm

5) Gloss: the polished surface has mirror luster, which can clearly reflect the scenery, and the gloss is not less than 80

Note: the polished surface can be waxed as required


Packing method:

1. Wooden packing

2. Wooden frame packaging

3. Packing in wooden cases

Wood selection standard: no decay, bark and wormhole.


Storage method: the board is generally stored indoors, and should be covered when placed outdoors.

Application: Cenxi red color is uniform, suitable for large external wall dry hanging, square floor, stair decoration, etc.

We are committed to providing high quality granite stone for real estate, garden, curtain wall, municipal engineering projects.

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