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Sesame black granite, Dahua sesame black fire surface, 30 thick sesame black stone manufacturer

Sesame black is a kind of natural granite, and its smooth surface is mainly black. Sesame black is divided into Dahua sesame black granite, Zhonghua sesame black granite and Xiaohua sesame black granite.

It is composed of gray spots and black spots, while the color of burnt surface and litchi surface is lighter, mainly dark gray. It can undertake the processing of burnt surface, litchi surface, smooth surface and other surface styles of stone products. The sesame black fire board which burns off the surface at high temperature is sesame black fire board, which is commonly used in Courtyard Villa, park scenic area, supermarket square, complex ground and other occasions. In addition, sesame black stone is often used to make special-shaped stone, such as stone desk stool, tombstone stone, leakage stone, wash basin and other types of stone.


Sesame black litchi surface granite is made of rough sesame black processed by litchi machine. Generally, litchi surface should be slightly white, which is normal, because the stone that has been hit by litchi will be slightly white.

Natural surface sesame black granite is also commonly used in engineering construction. Natural surface is also called hand surface. It is hand chiseled and has the characteristics of natural cross section of stone. Generally, it is 100 * 100 * 50mm, and it can also be made into 100 * 100 * 100mm.

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