About Us

Shenzhen pengxiangyuan import and Export Co., Ltd. is a pragmatic and innovative development company. We adhere to the core of "pragmatic for people, innovative manufacturing", the concept of "ingenuity, precision and quality", and the standard of "practical work, service first". Our main business: Pink hemp, Begonia red, maple leaf red and other granite stone.

We have excellent stone machinery and equipment and high-level production and processing technology in the industry. We have experienced craftsmen in smooth surface, sub smooth surface, fire surface, litchi surface, natural surface, wire drawing surface, mushroom surface and other stone technology links.

Since its establishment, pengxiangyuan stone brand has won the wide recognition of the market with its high quality and low price granite stone, solid service and good reputation. Its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast industry, Middle East and other overseas markets, and sell well in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other domestic markets.

Pengxiangyuan stone brand produces and processes granite stone with pragmatic and innovative technology, focusing on providing high-quality stone products for domestic and foreign real estate, garden, curtain wall, municipal and other large and small projects.

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